Monday, March 7, 2011

New in 2011

Where has 2011 gone?? I apologise for being extremely lackadaisical with blog entries, life has been going too fast for me to keep up!

One of the highlights for 2011 is I am training at Evolution Trainers in Mountain View. They have a fabulous facility with great equipment AND one of the few Power Plates in the Bay Area.

I discovered the Power Plate when I was in London last year and was thrilled with the muscle density assistance this machine can provide. If you are in London, do stop by one of the Good Vibes studios for a fabulous workout. The first session is free, but I can almost guarantee that you will be hooked and will keep going for more classes!

Looking forward to helping you meet your goals this year!

I'm working on my 2011 resolution and will keep you posted.


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