Sunday, March 21, 2010

Where I am training ... as of March 2010 ...

Hi All!

I've received a few emails asking me where I am training this year. I apologize for not posting details sooner.

For the ladies, I am at Every Woman Health Club in Redwood City. It is a gorgeous little gym near downtown Redwood City. Things I love about it are:

1. No pushy sales people. Stephanie and Anne started this gym to support women and their health goals. So it's all about getting and staying healthy, not plans and supplements and stuff you just don't need.
2. It smells nice. No sweaty gym smell here!
3. I don't have to be one of those pushy sales people - I am there to take care of my clients.
4. Fantastic classes. All the instructors are extremely well qualified at what they do and the classes are small and very friendly.
5. Flexibility. You don't have to be a member to train with me, but if you choose to be a member, they do have various levels of memberships and payment plans to suit your needs.

For the men, I am still looking for a studio that fits my/your needs. I am off to see a few places this week, so watch this space.

In addition, I still do limited home sessions.


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  1. Amen to that! EWHC is a terrific club. I'm really enjoying (ahem, as it were) going there. It's very relaxed and welcoming.